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Force Haptic Feedback with LRA & Load Cell
Explorations Dan Chen / August 7, 2020

You will need


VLV041235L – Vibration, LRA
It can be any vibration motor, I picked this one because it gives you strong haptic feedback.

Learn more about LRA

I got my LRA from

DRV2605L Haptic Motor Controller – Adafruit

Load Cell 5kgf was shown in the video
(Later I found out it requires too much force, so not recommended )

Try this load cell instead

Feather / Astar / Arduino M0 … take your pick

Software Library

Adafruit_DRV2605_Library – Haptic Driver / I2c

HX711 Arduino Library – Load Cell Amplifier HX711Library/ I2c

If you are using STM32, hardware i2c, change the pin number in the sketch. Example SAMD51, SCD: Pin 20, SCL: Pin 21

Optional OLED Display

I2C OLED Display: I am using
OLED Library: Optional



Use Fast sensing Pressure sensor

The Load Cell that I was using was slow at reading the data, same as FSR. This cases the “force touch” feel a little delay. FSR could be slightly better or picking a better load cell setup will fix this issue.

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