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Compact Capacitive Pressure Sensing
Explorations Dan Chen / May 5, 2015

For my robotic gripper, I want to make a small and compact Capacitive Pressure sensor but it turns out to be a little harder than I expected.
It is easy to make a large capacitive Pressure Sensor, but it is hard to make a small and compact one. To reduce the noise, I had to move the microprocessor closer to the sensor and adding Mega ohm resistors to get the reading.
The noise is pretty much everywhere, it can come from touching the wire, moving your hand close to the sensor or simply using the power adopter that powers your computer to power the USB. I used the ground pin to get a better reading, but it requires Constant recalibration.

I used the Capacitive Sensing Library for my test


Previously …

In previous post, I was able to make an effective Capacitive Pressure Sensor but it does not function as well when I scale it down. This is probably due to the amount of conducting materials.


Compact Version


Kind of working …


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