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Computer-Controlled Cutting – Vinyl Cutter
Explorations Dan Chen / September 12, 2014

Vinyl Cutter

Starting with a color jpeg, I used Adobe Illustrator’s image tracing function to get the vector outline as SVG. Then I bring the SVG file to Corel Draw, empty the fill color, make the outline with “Hairline” stroke. I was amazed by the detail that the cutter head was able to produce.



I used my graphic to cover the Apple logo on my laptop.

Untitled-2I also design and cut out the sign for my new office.




The vinyl cutter works very much like a printer, but it prints lines. I was able to print vey small little details without much problem. The great thing about transferring the stickers on the another surface  is that you can still “edit” the image by removing parts of the image that you don’t want.



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