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Dan k
Ultimaker 2 & Form 1
Explorations Dan Chen / September 28, 2015

Download CURA

This Tutorial is for CURA Version: 15.04.2 (PC / MAC)

Ultimaker workflow

  1. Import STL(s) to CURA
  2. Position file, set speed & quality with CURA
  3. Save file to SD Card from CURA
  4. Print from SD Card on Ultimaker

Quaility & Speed

For beginner, let’s do Normal settings!

If your Ultimaker 2 had a long run time (2km+ filament ), the “fast print”might not work as well. Probably due to the old heating element.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.43.24 PM

Print order

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.37.07 AM

Print all at once would build the object from bottom up all at the same time

Print one at a time would print one object at a time, then start another object in another area. This requires more space and the object can’t be too tall.


Quality & Speed

It makes a lot of sense printing in “Fast Print” setting, with 2 very small trade off.
The surface quality is slightly rougher and it will not print anything smaller than 0.5mm wall or cylinder. (The nozel is 0.4mm)
The fast quality produces better over hang compare to Ulti quality.
Ulti quality: 8 hours
Fast quality: 1 hour




Infill pattern.




3d print warping. You can increase the heated bed temp by 10c





Support Structure

Ultimaker could print 90 degree overhang without support, but the surface finish isn’t great and the parts aren’t really all that useful. For 90 degree overhand I would check the Print support structure box

Depending on your design, you might not always need the support structure.

IMG_4684-1024x683.jpg pix-1024x683.jpg IMG_3747 Fluidics

Form 1 Plus can print somewhat clear water tight channels.






This will happen when the your base is not sticking to the plate. Glue stick and higher temperature bed will help it stick.


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