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Dan k
Mugshot Clay Mug
Explorations Dan Chen / September 14, 2015

Making the Profile

To make the profile of a mug, first you need a template.
I took a side profile shot of my face then live trace it in illustrator using the “Live Trace Function”
I made sure that the edges aren’t too sharp or contains too much details before I cut it out on the laser cutter. Shape edges would cut the mug in half when trimming the wall.

I used 1/8 inch laser cut plywood, to cut the profile template. You get negative and positive profile after cutting.

scraping with the positive profile gives you a mug that faces inward, and scraping with the negative profile gives you a mug that faces outward.




Making the mug

Like making any other mugs on the potter’s wheel, we center our clay, open then pull upwards. The only difference is that we want the walls to be thicker so we can scrape off the clay on the outside wall to create the profile.




Bisque Firing



I made my 1st coat black then dip on side in white.IMG_9033



Glaze Fire


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