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Dan k
Plastic Injection Molding
Explorations Dan Chen / September 1, 2015



The little machine to the left is a hot oil pump, it pips in hot oil and goes into the runner of the tooling to heat the mold evenly.




The is ABS raw material, the black dots and pigments that gives the plastic the color.


This is the side buttons for our watch, is it positive mold, which forms negative mold on the tooling.


I think this thing weights about 100lbs


The S shape is the runner, where the oil would travel and heat the block evenly.

DSC06096 DSC06148 DSC06165 DSC06170 DSC06178 DSC06184 DSC06190 DSC06204 DSC06206 DSC06207 DSC06213 DSC06214 DSC06215 DSC06217

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